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You know you need to floss your teeth. And you probably do. But what about your emotional hygiene? 


emotional hygiene

You know about physical hygiene.

You’re smart. So you understand things like cause and effect. As in, if you exercise your body, your body gets stronger. Or, if you floss your teeth, you are more likely to have good dental hygiene. I once knew a man who said, “Just floss the teeth you want to keep.” This man didn’t have a lot of teeth, and wished that he had spent those easy minutes during his life flossing, so he would have had a brighter smile. So he encouraged others to floss.

But what about emotional hygiene?

What we want to look at today is basically emotional floss. It’s the regular practice of cleaning up your invisible self on a regular basis. Because just like the physical, there is a cause and effect relationship between regular emotional hygiene and your overall emotional well-being.

So please take a look.

Please listen to this brief talk (under 18 minutes). Because the speaker will make you think, and you will be on your way to developing a much more balanced emotional hygiene. After you watch, please come right back for today’s takeaway.

Will you do it?

Because change begins with action.

Take a small step today.

Start today, practicing better emotional hygiene.

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Get focused and Get moving.