Why is it so hard to find your focus every day? Is it because there are so many forces pulling on you? Or is it because even before you go to sleep tonight, the pressure will be building again? Or could it be the unreasonable people in your life? Any of these alone could throw you off your game. And you’ve got all of these factors — and more. Want to find your way back to focus — fast?


But first — why is this man so happy?

Actually, he wasn’t happy all the time.

I’m sure you recognize this brilliant physicist named Albert Einstein.

But although he wasn’t happy all the time, he did lead a remarkably happy life.

And a big part of the reason he was happy is that he was incredibly focused.

Wouldn’t you like to be that focused?

And sure — he was Albert Einstein.



And sometimes overwhelmed by his brilliant creativity.

Because he had something he knew he needed to get out into the world.

Something only he could see.

So think again about who he was.

A brilliant creative man with something he felt he had to do, and often felt misunderstood while he was doing it.

Is this sounding familiar?

Because you may not be Albert Einstein, but you have a similar problem, don’t you?

Namely how to get what is in your head out into the world in a way that others can understand you.

But how?

Don’t you find that you are often misunderstood?

In fact — don’t you find that you often don’t even understand yourself?

So what was Einstein’s secret to overcoming this obstacle?

Let’s find out.

Find your focus.

What Einstein found was a way to focus.

And interestingly enough, his way to focus was to tell stories.

Now, you might not think of him as a story teller.

And yet he was a powerful story teller.

Because he was constantly weaving wonderful tales — through his math.

And while you may not be a mathematician, you can tell stories too.

You just don’t know you can.

Think about this.

So I’ve been thinking.

And what I’ve been thinking about is a way to help you find your focus through the weaving of a tale which makes sense of your life and your circumstances.

So much so, in fact, that this week I’ve launched something new — The Center For Creative Structure.

And you’ll be hearing more about this as the days and weeks roll on.

But the point is this —

You have lots of good ideas, and lots of creativity that you need to get out into the world.

But you’re missing a structure for your creavity.

So what I’m giving you today is a structure — to help you focus.

You’ll find that structure here, below.

Take a look.

Kick the tires.

Ask yourself if this — or something like it — could help you focus your energy, bring more of your creativity into your world, and even lead to deeper happiness.

Just click on the image to get a full-sized page that you can print and see more clearly.

And if you have questions, feel free to write to me at mark@marknewtonpdx.com.