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Unless you know how to reset your day, you’ll be subject to the whims of your moods. And that’s not a pretty picture. So here’s a way to reset the direction of your day — whenever you want to.


Your best intentions won’t do it.

You start the day with the best of intentions, right? And then you blow it. Why? Because the highway to hell is paved with good intentions. So today, I’m going to show you how to go beyond your good intentions, and to overcome the inertia that’s holding you back from your best day. And this method works even when you’re in the midst of the mess. And — it will increase your self-awareness and self confidence. Ready?

This works — but only if you do it.

So here’s a way to get back on track — even during the worst of days, when it feels like all is lost. And this method is reliable. Because what you’re about to discover is your very own custom reset button. But keep in mind — you have to actually do it, even when you don’t think it will work. In other words, you have to set aside your disbelief long enough to do something that you may not believe in — at the time when you need it most. Willing to give it a try?

Start here.

If so, your personal reset begins with a question. And the question is: “What do I love to do?” What do I love doing so much, that if I could do this all day every day, I would? Is it go to the beach? Or is it hiking or biking? Is it travel? Because whatever it is, you need to focus on that thing right now. Even in the middle of the stress. Even facing a tough deadline. Because it only takes a moment, and it will make the world of difference. It can change your worst day into a much better day. And yes — the voice in your head says, “This is ridiculous. I can’t have it — and I certainly can’t have it right now, so what’s the point?”

Reset now.

But remember, you have to suspend your disbelief — just for a moment. After all, what do you have to lose? Just focus on that thing you love. And now add in the people you want to do this thing with — or choose to imagine doing it alone. But the point is — make it personal. Because you need to focus as clearly as you can on that thing you love for one intense moment. And to do that, you may need a picture of it — at least in your mind. So, you could close your eyes and think of it. It only takes a moment! Or you could use an actual picture. But you need to focus on it. OK. Now — do it.

Did you do it?

And that’s it. If you did it, you’re better now. And if you didn’t, please try it — or try it again. You’ll get better with practice. Why does this method work? Because every good or bad thing begins in your head. So start training your brain for the reset you need. And if you’d like some help, please write to me at As a men’s life coach, this is the kind of thing I do all day long. I help each man focus on his best game. And if you read the reviews, you’ll see that for many men — who are not so different from you — it works.