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You’ve been self-sabotaging again. And it isn’t pretty. So why do you keep doing it? And yes, as a creative man — it’s part of your nature. But if you’re ready to try something new — here’s one way to stop self-sabotaging today.


Who will win the day?

So first of all — stop kidding yourself.

Every day’s the same.

Sure, the details vary.

But at the baseline of every day is a battle raging inside of you.

And that battle will have a winner — every time.

And that battle will also have a loser — every time.

There are no ties in the war of art.

So who will win today?

Because you’re part creator.

And yes — at some level, it’s not your fault.

Because you were born with an artist brain, at some level you can’t help yourself.

You are going to look at the world differently than most of the men around you.

So yes —

Wouldn’t it be great if you could just join the crowd of men who wake up, scratch themselves and stumble out into the day?

Maybe — maybe not.

But it’s a moot point.

Because that’s not you.

You’re different.

And you’re also part part saboteur.

And because you’re different, your brain is taking in — and taking on — more than men without artist brains.

Don’t get me wrong.

There are days when you value your artist brain.

And on these days, you’re glad that you’re different.

But sometimes — in fact, often times, it’s overwhelming.

And so, in part to numb the crashing of too many ideas and options in your brain, you sometimes just want the noise to end.

So you become the saboteur.

You end up self-sabotaging.

And sometimes you know you’re wrecking your day.

And sometimes you just wander your way lost.

But the result is the same.

You get off-track.

Will self-sabotaging win today?

So the question remains — who will win the day today?

Will the creative side win — where you break through the fog and actually make progress?

Or will you sabotage the day and go into a tailspin that could last for days or weeks?

It’s up to you.

So if you’re ready to try something new — something powerful and life-changing — stay tuned.

Because you know by now that I am crazy about your success.

And the reason I write is to help you get your creative artist brain engaged and focused.

So what we’re about to look at is one of those clarifying skills that’s so easy to do.

This little exercise is my adaptation from an exercise from a little book called Let Me Out by Peter Himmelman.

(In fact, it’s Mr. Himmelman’s picture you saw at the top of this post.)

He has a little exercise right along the lines of what you’ve been practicing if you’ve been following these posts for any time at all.

(And if you are new to this blog, sample an earlier post here.)

Try this.

So here goes —

Hint: you’ll be doing some writing. Please read all of these instructions before you begin:

  1. Get out your paper and pen or pencil — or an open document on your computer.
  2. Consider what you are overwhelmed about today. (In other words, put your self-pity hat on).
  3. And prepare to answer this question: “Why Me?” (In other words, why are you being called upon to do what you are overwhelmed about doing today? It could be anything from why you’re doing the job you’re doing, or why your partner is mad at you — or letting you down. It can be about anything at all, with the focus: “Why me?”).
  4. Set your timer for 3 minutes. (For more on easy timers, check out the pomodoro technique here.)
  5. Start your timer.
  6. With the timer running, write as fast as you can, without editing. Just write. Don’t just sit there. Write, man! Let the anger or frustration or sadness flow.
  7. When the timer goes off, stop writing.

That’s it.

Were you surprised by what came out of your brain and out into the world?

This little exercise can bring you amazing clarity.

Now take that creative energy — and get to work on your day.

And as always — if you want to ask me about this exercise or anything else about getting your artist brain engaged, please write to me at

Otherwise, I’ll see you here next week.