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When it comes to the essentials — like paying the rent — make everything essential easy.


You may find this rude.

And I get it. Money is tight right now for many of us. So you may find it rude for me to get in your face about spending money you don’t have. But hear me out for a minute, please.

Face facts.

One of the key concepts in effective management of yourself when it comes to your most valuable resource — your time — is to make everything essential easy. And I’m sure you noticed that I said manage yourself, not manage your time. Because as we’ve talked about before, you can’t manage time. You can only manage yourself. So — within that context, face facts. Because the fact is, you are going to have to pay your rent or your mortgage or certainly some recurring cost eventually. 

Don’t delay.

So given the two main concepts of making everything essential easy and facing facts, be proactive (rather than reactive) when it comes to the essentials of your life. Paying rent is just one example of this. So — you could waste time and energy with regard to something as basic as paying rent by waiting until the last possible moment to pay it. Let’s say it’s due on August 1st, and you wait until July 28th to pay it. You could do this, and maybe you do. 

Pay it forward.

But you could also pay it early — say, on the 15th — so you don’t have to waste time worrying if it got there on time. Not to mention the times while you’re waiting to pay it when you suddenly think — did I pay my rent yet? You get the point. Just get it done and free up brain space. Because brain space used unnecessarily is time wasted.

Free your mind.

This is just one small example of proactivity vs. reactivity, a concept we’re currently working on. Because when you’re reactive (hold on to that money until the last second) it weighs on you, and wastes your valuable time and brain space. Whereas when you just go ahead and get it out of the way, you free up more brain space.

As we said last time — this is not a happy place.

Key point:

Make everything essential easy.

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