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You don’t have enough time. Right?


168 hours.

Each of us get one hundred sixty-eight hours every week. Do the math: twenty-four hours a day times seven days in the week equals one hundred sixty-eight hours. That’s a lot of hours. Even if you spend sixty of those hours at work each week and eight hours sleeping each night (can you imagine such luxury?) you still end up with a whopping 52 hours each week to do with whatever you choose. And there is the rub: whatever you choose.

Choose well.

Got 12 minutes? In just twelve minutes, Laura Vanderkam will walk you through a deep-dive about the myth of not having enough time. Please listen to the talk, then come right back for today’s takeaways.

What do you care about most?

That’s really the question. Vanderkam breaks down the barriers to thinking clearly about this topic when she shifts the conversation from time to priority. She uses the example of what would you do if your water heater broke and flooded your basement — you’d find time to fix it, wouldn’t you? Even though you “don’t have enough time?” She then carries the concept into the proactive planning of time now for what is coming next year, and working your way back to what you care about most, and making time for it, today.

Q2 Redux.

And you know this. We talk about Q2, Longpath, and other ways of thinking about your time and your priorities. The question is: will you do something about all the time you do have to create a meaningful, less-rushed, less-stressed life?

Key point:

You have plenty of time. The question is: what will you choose to do with it?

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Get focused and Get moving.