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You feel behind because your creative brain needs time to wake up. Start fresh tomorrow by getting your head in the game today.

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Your creative brain.

Your brain is different than many of the brains around you. Not everyone has the high percentage of creativity that you do. And that’s great, as long as you take care of this uniqueness, and work to keep your head in the game. It will take some work.

Less creative brains are locked and loaded earlier in the day — ready to process information and do what needs to be done, while your brain is still wondering: “So what are we doing here?”

It takes time.

As you can see, your creative brain needs time to wake up. The question is, how can you, with the brain you have, live in the real world with its demand for on-time delivery and productivity? Here’s how: give your good brain the time it deserves. Since we know that your brain is going to want some time to consider what needs to be done before jumping in, prime the pump, so to speak. How? Preload your brain today, so it can do tomorrow what it does best.

Prepare for tomorrow today. 

To get your head in the game, get into the habit of frontloading your creative brain. Here’s how: think about tomorrow today. If you write down the three things you want to focus on tomorrow — today — your creative brain will get to work on those three things without a lot of help from you. The simple act of writing down what you care about now will engage your creative brain to start churning through creative solutions. That way, when you actually begin your work tomorrow, your brain will already be warmed up and ready to go.

Start here.

Write down today what you want to do tomorrow, so you’ll be ready to hit the ground running when the day begins.

Key Point

Give your creative brain what it needs: time to churn through the possibilities before you actually need to be productive.

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