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If you’re satisfied with pretty good, there’s no need to read this article. But if hearing that phrase — pretty good — gives you an ache in the pit of your stomach, stay tuned. Because if you’re feeling squeamish about “pretty good,” it means that you’ve still got some fight left in you. And you want something more. So read on. Because here’s where to get what you came for — or to get it back.


Are you satisfied?

You’ve been working pretty hard to get where you are today, haven’t you? And it’s reasonable for you to want a good rest. I get that. It makes sense. And I guess that’s why there are holidays like the 4th of July — To rest for a moment and catch your breath in the midst of the battle. But remember — July 4th is not a day to rest on your laurels. It’s just a day to rest.

The war of art continues. In other words —

Don’t be satisfied.

Because you like your independence, don’t you? You fought hard for it. But pace yourself. Because there’s still more to be done to keep your independence. In fact, the only way you’re going to keep your dignity is if you keep going —

And keep it fresh. Stale freedom is actually a comfortable prison.

What’s next?

First, rest. You’ve earned it. Just don’t get too fat and happy, or you’ll lose your edge — and lose what you fought so hard for. And instead of resting on your laurels, start planning your next.

But what should your “next” be? Well, it should be something great. That’s a startBecause remember — good is the enemy of great. So says Jim Collins, author of an old and great book, called Good to Great.

And in that book, Collins says that good companies and individuals often lose track of three valuable commodities:

  1. What you’re passionate about
  2. What you do best
  3. And finally, what drives your economic engine

Three questions:

  1. What am I truly passionate about — and how am I keeping my hand in that passion?
  2. What do I do best — and am I doing it today, or at least more often than not?
  3. And finally — what’s the bottom line? Am I paying myself enough to keep this thing going?

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