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stop trying

You’ve been trying way too hard this year. And where has it gotten you?

Stop trying.

Have you noticed? Every time you try, you fail. And even if you succeed at trying, you fail. Why? Because the very nature of trying leaves way too much room for not making it. So this year, think different. When you set out to do something this year, be clear. So instead of saying, “I’m going to try to make 100K doing my art this year,” say “I’m going to make 100K doing my art this year.” Do you see the difference? Notice what’s missing? It’s subtle, but essential. Because when you say you’re going to try, you make the thing you’re trying to do way too powerful. So this year, stop trying.

Instead, start doing.

And yes — it will be hard at first. You’ll want to keep saying, “I’ll try.” But you can make the change. One way to make progress faster is to get an accountability buddy. An accountability buddy (AB) is just another human being who cares about you and will notice when you slip back into your old patterns of speech and ways of being. If you give your AB the authority to call you out, he, she or they can help you out immensely.

Start today.

Because your tendency is to say even to this possible change — I’ll try. I’ll try to be more definite. Or I’ll try to stop saying I’ll try. Or I’ll try to find an accountability buddy. Enough! Just start. Because that’s the key. The key to making any kind of change is to start. So take a step today.

Need help?

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