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Why do you so often make the wrong decision? Find out why — and how to make the right decision more often.

the right decision

Decisions aren’t easy.

Decisions have never been easy. When Auguste Rodin began work on his bronze sculpture The Thinker in 1880, it was as part of a larger commission for a doorway; part of The Gates of Hell, based on The Divine Comedy of Dante Alighieri.

Some decisions feel like hell. They make you feel overwhelmed and stuck. Which way is the right way?

Would you like to be more confident that you’re making the right decision? You can. Start here.

The problem is comparisons.

It’s the comparisons that kill you. Most of your pride and your regret result from your decisions. Pride, on the one hand, is folly. Who really cares about how great you are, or what a smart guy you are? Pride is external: it is based on how you look to others. And regret is deeply internal, related to shame and the wasting of your only true resource: time. Both ends of this spectrum have to do with comparisons: how you compare with either someone else or with your ideal self: what you might have done differently, given the chance.

Here’s a better way.

Stop comparing. There is a better way. 

Please watch this.

Please watch this brief talk by Dan Gilbert, (about 30 minutes) and then come right back for today’s Key Point.

Key Point:

Instead of trying to make the right decision based on comparisons, focus on evaluating the odds the and value.

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