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You want more confidence, but you don’t know where to get it. Here’s where you get it.
want more confidence

First — What is confidence, anyway?

Confidence comes from training and repetition. Plain and simple. For example — I am typing this blog without looking at my fingers. Some call it “touch typing.” Very convenient. But the reason that I am able to type like this is because I took the time to train my fingers to move in concert with my thinking brain, without looking at my fingers. The initial training took some time and effort. And then I typed over and over and over. In other words, training and repetition.

Which isn’t what you might have thought.

Instead, you might think it’s some kind of innate belief in yourself that comes from some mysterious place. Does it come from my father? Does it come from my genetics? Why are some men more seemingly confident than others? And the problem is, when you think about it like this, it remains unreachable — in a mystical realm. And you might lose hope if you haven’t got the magical key to the mystery. Because where would you start to find your confidence with this frame of mind?

But confidence is not mysterious.

So by now, I’m hoping you understand that confidence is not mysterious. Nor is it in the domain of a few lucky ducks. Instead, confidence comes through training and repetition. So if you’re still with me, let’s go on to the next step of how to get the confidence you came for.

Want more confidence? Do it again.

Because you’re not quite out of the woods yet, are you? But you’re getting closer. And here’s where you get the confidence you came for. You choose. That’s right, you choose. But what on earth does that mean? It means that because you only have so much time and energy, you’ve got to choose what you want to be confident at. Because confidence is not some magic blanket you wrap around your whole lived experience. Instead, confidence is something you have in a few select areas of your life, and it comes through — you know the answer, don’t you? Training and repetition. So you need to choose what you want to be confident at. And then get out there and start doing it.

Just for fun

You might enjoy watching this short clip from the movie “About Time,” which highlights the idea that confidence comes from repetition.

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