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Your story needs some work. Because there’s no clear goal at the center of it. So you’re drifting. Which means that even though you’re busier than ever, your life has become an endless series of blah blah blah. But how can you fix the problem? Here’s what you can do today.

your story

First, you need a clear goal.

Think of it this way. As boring as you might already think soccer is, imagine soccer without any goals. OMG! It would just be a bunch of people running around on the field doing — what? It’s the same with a story without a clear goal. It just becomes you, running around on your “field,” doing — what? So you need a clear goal

Then you bring the plot.

Once you have a clear goal, you can then bring in the events of your story — the stuff you do during your day. Because once the goal is clear, the plot’s job is to make it increasingly difficult for you to reach your goal. Again, in soccer terms, if you have a goal at the end of the field, but there are excellent defenders you have to get past in order to score, the game now becomes more interesting, and we know when to cheer for you. Because we know what you’re going for. And we get engaged with your quest: to get past the defenders and score. And we look forward to jumping to our feet to celebrate when you finally do score.

So how can you make your story more interesting?

Now you know. You need to get a clear and difficult goal. And don’t worry about creating a plot. Once you get a clear goal, the plot will almost magically appear. Because if your goal is sufficiently difficult, life itself will conspire to challenge you in a way that makes your story anything but boring.

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