Your success this year will depend upon your “What if?” But do you have one of these? Because if you don’t, you won’t have the focus you need to succeed this year. Get yours here — today.


Why do you need a “What If?”

Here’s why.

Because what if is extremely motivational — if done right.


Here’s why.

Because the right “what if” will inspire you to inquire.

And when you inquire, you ask a question — or a series of questions.

And you know that questions are the most powerful tools in the universe.

Because questions draw you out of your comfort zone —

And into the world of creation.

In fact —

A question is the birthplace of invention.

How to develop a powerful what if.

Now, see?

There’s a good question —

“How can I develop a powerful what if?”

And here’s how — by asking three more good questions:

  1. What do I really want? And don’t punt on this one. Because if you’re reading this article, you care about having a life that has impact, and you are also able to answer this question — if you will invest some time and energy into it.
  2. What’s in my way? In other words, what’s keeping from having what I really want?
  3. How creative am I willing to be — to break through the barriers between what I want and where I am right now today?

What’s next?

Once you’ve asked and answered those three questions, you’ll want to get to work on putting a foundation under what you want.

And to do that, you’ll need to set priorities.

So let’s say, for example, that what you really want this year is to dramatically improve your work situation.

You’d ask the question: “What if I could dramatically improve my work situation this year?”

Because it gets at the question: What do I really want?

So that’s the first question from the list of questions above.

And the second question is: “What’s in my way?”

In other words, what’s keeping me from dramatically improving my work situation this year?

And again — don’t punt.

Because this is an important question.

And to answer that question, you’re going to need to set priorities — so that you make time to answer this question.

And then, finally —

How creative am I willing to be  —

To break through the barriers that stand between me and dramatically improving my work situation this year?

Because you’ll notice I didn’t say what hoops am I willing to jump through to solve the problem.

Why jump through someone else’s hoops unless you have to?

You’re a creative guy.

Put that creativity to good use on your own behalf.

But remember that creativity takes time.

Make time to be creative — and answer your “what if” this year.

So what are you waiting for?

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