We are all confident about something. The question is: are you getting confidence where you want it?


You’re sure about something.

It’s not really a question about whether we are confident. The question really is, what are we confident about? For example: you may be completely sure that you’re too shy to stand up in front of people and play a musical instrument, or sing. You pretty much know that for sure.

You may want to change that.

But what if you actually kind of wanted to be able to stand up in front of people and play a musical instrument, or sing? That’s where the problem comes in. Because you’re already confident that you can’t.

Get confidence where you want it.

So let’s focus on getting you confidence where you want it. And for the moment, let’s stay with our example. You’re sure you can’t do the performance thing. But you want to do it. What can you do? You know the answer, don’t you? If you want something enough, you will put in the time to practice the thing you want to do.

The key to confidence.

Because the key to confidence is repetition. What you do over and over is what you will get confident at doing. So if you’re confident you can’t, you’ll be right. Because you have been repeating that thought to yourself for so long that you’re good at not being a performer. Again: confidence comes from repetition. So if you want to change what you’re confident at doing, you need to change what you spend your time doing.

Expand your circle.

This is just one small example of proactivity vs. reactivity, a concept we’re currently working on. Because when you’re reactive, (I can’t stand up in front of a crowd of people. What might they think of me?) it weighs on you, and wastes your valuable time and brain space. Whereas when you devote time and energy to the thing you want to do, you get more and more confident at doing it.

In other words, spend your time doing what you want to get good at. This begins with your thinking and then moves into your actions.

Key point:

Confidence comes through repetition.

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