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Your problem is that you try to hit a home run every time. Greatness builds as you move forward one good decision at a time.

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You want to be great. And I applaud that, of course. I admire your desire. But here’s the problem. Your desire for greatness is keeping you from making nearly enough decisions to move the ball forward. It’s like trying to time the stock market. You wait and you wait. And then, finally you jump in — to less than optimal results. And then you go off and lick your wounds for awhile. Meanwhile, life is passing you by.

The statistical value of average.

So here is what to do: make more small decisions on a regular basis. Some of them will be good. Some won’t be as good. But on average, your stock will go up in the realm of decision making.


You hear what I’m saying, right? It’s like I’ve said before using the analogy of soccer: the more shots you take, the greater your chances of scoring. Whereas, if you wait for the perfect shot and then miss that one… well, you get it. So make more decisions, instead of waiting for the perfect shot. I know I’m mixing metaphors, but you get the idea. The problem is, of course, that you want to know you’re right before you decide. Right?

The fear factor.

Right. This is the fear factor. You think: What if I’m wrong? Well, chances are good that you’re wrong anyway: you’re typically wrong at least half of the time. So get over yourself. Instead of hiding in the corner until it looks like it’s safe to come out, remember that confidence comes with repetition. So wherever you are right now, resolve to make decisions more often instead of waiting. Quickly calculate the risk, decide at a level that won’t kill you, and move the ball forward. The more you do this, the better you’ll get at doing it.

So please do this.

Please watch this brief (about 20 minutes) talk by writer Dan Ariely, and think about how you make decisions. And then come right back for today’s takeaway.

Key point:

Don’t let the fear of making a bad decision keep you from moving forward.

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