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Do you know the first thing about your audience? Because if you’re in business — and you want to stay in business — you’ve got to connect with your audience. So check this out. And even if you don’t remember this song — you can learn from it. It’s an old song. With a twisted past. Written by Cat Stevens, and made popular by Rod Stewart. And really connecting with these women. So what can we learn from this guy?


First, connect.

I grew up with this guy. And he was so embarrassing. Because he looked like a girl and sang smarmy songs. But — he attracted huge crowds of women. Which was the audience he was shooting for.

Here’s how.

Because — seriously. Watch this brief concert video (or at least as much as you can stomach) — And tell me if this guy doesn’t know his audience?

Your turn.

So what about you? Do you know your audience? Who are you actually trying to reach and serve? Because if you don’t know the answer to that question — You’re wasting a bunch of your creative energy. But, if you’re willing — ask yourself this essential question: Who am I trying to reach? And what is their point of pain?

First — address pain.

Apparently, Rod Stewart knew how to reach his audience — Because he touched their point of pain — With a simple lyric. “The first cut is the deepest.” So what is your audience’s deepest cut? And this could be anything — really. So, if you’re a superintendent on a job site — who is your audience, and what is their point of pain? Or if you’re a chef, same question — first of your team and then of your customers? Whatever art you’re trying to get to market — This is the essential question.

Relieve my pain.

What is their point of pain? In other words — No matter who you are or what you do as a creative man — For maximum impact, you need to connect with the people you’re trying to reach. And nothing gets our attention like pain. Understand my pain, and you’ve got my attention. Relieve my pain, and I’ll follow you anywhere.

Are you doing that?

So think about it — Why would anyone listen to you? Or come to your restaurant? Or continue to seek you out? How are you addressing — and solving — their point of pain?

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