Your unique creativity is slipping away.

unique creativity

It’s almost gone.

Once upon a time — You were a creative little boy. But then, you grew up. And your unique creativity started slipping away.

Little by little — Starting in school — where you learned to fear failure.

Your unique creativity is slipping.

Maybe you’ve seen the new sci-fi movie Annihilation, by Alex Garland. But whether you’ve seen it or not —

A central question asked by that film is: “When — and why — do we stop being ourselves?” And you may also have heard this quote — by Pablo Picasso (pictured above):

“All children are artists. The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up.”

In other words — It’s not easy to hold on to your creavitity.

It’s not too late.

Here’s the good news: Most of what you lost slipped away when you weren’t looking. But it’s not too late to have a good look — And get back to where you once belonged.

Have a go.

This is the first step to getting your unique creativity back —

“Even if you don’t know — have a go.”

In other words –Even when you don’t know the answer — don’t be afraid to go after the answer.

And — Be prepared to be wrong.

You might be wrong.

Because if you’re serious about getting your unique creativity back — Please watch this short video. And then come right back so we can collect the nuggets and get you back out there.

Creativity comes at a price.

Key points:

If you’re going to turn the tide, you’re going to have to invest — intentionally, this time.

In your own unique creativity — and in the creativity of others — especially children.

What Ken Robinson encouraged us to do in his talk is to:

  1. Re-embrace your imagination — what did you once love doing — and do naturally?
  2. How did you lose it?
  3. Face the fact that you may be wrong — and remember the courage you once had as a child.
  4. Reverse the tide.
  5. Find your tribe.


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