Your unique creativity is slipping away.

unique creativity

In fact, you’ve all but lost it.

Once upon a time —

You were a creative little boy.

But then, you grew up.

And your unique creativity started slipping away.

Little by little —

Starting in school — where you learned to fear failure.

Your unique creativity is slipping away.

And maybe you’ve seen the new sci-fi movie Annihilation, by¬†Alex Garland.

But whether you’ve seen it or not —

A central question asked by that film is: “When — and why — do we stop being ourselves?”

And you may also have heard this quote — by Pablo Picasso (pictured above):

“All children are artists. The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up.”

In other words —

It’s not easy to hold on to your creavitity.

But it’s not too late to get your unique creativity back.

Because here’s the good news:

Most of what you lost slipped away when you weren’t looking.

But it’s not too late to have a good look —

And get back to where you once belonged.

Even if you don’t know — have a go.

And here’s the first step to getting your unique creativity back —

“Even if you don’t know — have a go.”

In other words —

Even when you don’t know the answer — don’t be afraid to go after the answer.

And —

Be prepared to be wrong.

Are you prepared to be wrong?

Because if you’re serious about getting your unique creativity back —

Please watch this short video.

And then come right back so we can collect the nuggets and get you back out there.

Creativity comes at a price.

So —

If you’re going to turn the tide, you’re going to have to invest — intentionally, this time.

In your own unique creativity — and in the creativity of others — especially children.

What Ken Robinson encouraged us to do in his talk is to:

  1. Re-embrace your imagination — what did you once love doing — and do naturally?
  2. How did you lose it?
  3. Face the fact that you may be wrong — and remember the courage you once had as a child.
  4. Reverse the tide.
  5. Find your tribe.

And it’s going to take some work.

Are you willing to reinvest in your unique creativity?

It’s going to take some work.

And courage.

So —

Get after it.

And —

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