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What do you make? Food? Films? Because despite what you may have heard, what you make is what — and who — you are.


Don’t look at me.

Because the fact is — you’re spending way too much time doing nothing.


Feeling frustrated.

Waiting to be discovered.

And getting further and further behind.

Instead, look in the mirror.

Because as a smart, creative man, there is something you need to be making.

And it isn’t doing you any good to sit on your thumbs.

Nor is it doing us any good.

We need what you make.

But you’re waiting.

Waiting for who knows what?

The weather?


Take a good look.

So please do this — right now.

Take a look at the clock.

It’s not going backward, is it?


Time and tide wait for no man.

Which means that every minute of every day of every month — (you get the idea) —

That you’re not creating what you need to be creating, you’re losing time.

And we are losing out on your best work.

So stop this madness.

And get busy making.

You saw that man at the top of this post?

Because you know him — but you don’t know him.

He is one of the most productive male voices of our time.

His name?

Robert Keith “Bobby” McFerrin Jr.

Or, more commonly known as Bobby McFerrin.

Were you to look at his biography, or his discography, —

You would find that there has not been — nor is there now — a lot of moss growing under the feet of this guy.

Here’s a more recent photo.

He looks pretty happy.

And why not?

He’s had a productive life.

And he’s given us a lot of himself over the years.

He figured out what he makes — and got busy making it.

Because you are what you make.

So think about that for a moment, while you enjoy this —

And then get busy doing what you do —

Making what you make.

And if you’d like some help with figuring out what you’re best at making and doing —

Feel free to contact me at