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How you invest matters. Make sure your relationships strategy is on track to make you healthy, wealthy and wise.



First: What is wealth?

At first blush, we might say that wealth has something to do with money. And, of course, that’s true. But wouldn’t you agree, that wealth is also more than money? Or you might put it this way: money is one way of measuring my wealth. But real wealth is about something else.

Real wealth is related to relationships.

Because real wealth is the measure of how well you have invested your life. If you’ve invested wisely, you will find that you have earned enough time to do the things you want to do — once you find them, as Jim Croce reminds us. Which will include having enough time to give your life away to others in meaningful relationships, whether to your family or to those others you feel called to be in relationship with. Because when you come right down to it, all we really have is time and each other, right? We each get 1,440 minutes each day. The question is, who will you give your life to?

It’s not easy.

Singer-songwriter Jackson Brown gets to the heart of this struggle in his song, “The Pretender.” Because when it comes to investing our time, it’s not easy to find the balance we wish we had. Here are a few of the lyrics from that song:

Caught between the longing for love
And the struggle for the legal tender
Where the sirens sing and the church bells ring
And the junk man pounds his fender
Where the veterans dream of the fight
Fast asleep at the traffic light
And the children solemnly wait
For the ice cream vendor
Out into the cool of the evening
Strolls the Pretender
He knows that all his hopes and dreams
Begin and end there.

Here’s a small investment that really pays off.

Please watch this brief (under 15 minutes) talk about what makes a good life, and then come right back for today’s takeaway.

Invest in relationships.

The top takeaway? Good relationships make us healthier and happier. So — What will you do today to improve the quality of your relationships? 

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More like this?

I can help you improve the quality of your relationships. And you have a couple of options for your next step. You could contact me and describe what you’re going through. And I’ll be in touch with suggestions. Or you can book a free session to make a time to get together and talk it over in person. Either way, I’m here to help you focusovercome resistance, and get moving again.

Get focused and Get moving.