Whether it’s starting a new habit or launching your passion project, you keep waiting. And yes — putting it off feels safe. But you’re robbing yourself of the time you need — and killing your confidence.


You’re waiting for the perfect moment.

Surely tomorrow you’ll start that new habit. Or ask for the help you need. Because you do need to change that bad habit. And you do need the help. But that perfect moment never comes, does it? So you keep putting it off — waiting for that perfect time to begin. But that perfect time is never now. Instead, it’s tomorrow. But tomorrow never comes. Because by the time tomorrow comes, it’s today. And then tomorrow is the day after today.

But waiting makes it worse.

You do know that delaying what you need to do is making your weaker, right? That every time you say to yourself or think to yourself, “I’m going to do that thing I need to do today,” and then you don’t — you let yourself down. And you deplete your can-do-confidence. Why? Because every time you say you’re going to do it — and don’t — you doubt yourself more and more. And what you become confident of — subconsciously — is failure and delay. You get really good at putting off what you know you need to do. Which makes you feel worse and worse — and weaker and weaker.

Time to tip.

But there is a way to overcome this procrastination. It’s called tipping. And all you need to do to tip is to take one small step. Think of the simple act of walking. In order to walk, you need to lean forward a little. When you lean forward, your body automatically puts a foot out to keep you from falling. And if you keep leaning forward, you keep putting one foot in front of the other. This is the essence of tipping.

How to tip.

What can you do to tip today? How can you lean into what you need to do so you’ll take that first step? It can be as simple as making one call, or sending one email in the right direction — forward. So — what are you waiting for? And I do realize that this message seems oversimplified. And what you’re facing feels a lot more complicated than that. So if you need a little help tipping, send me a message to mark@marknewtonpdx.com. I’ll help you break down what seems overwhelming into that first small step.

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