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Do you have the answer to this basic question? Because if you don’t, it’s no wonder you’re struggling so much.


Same old bull?

Every day, the day begins

Whether you’re ready

Or not.

And let’s face it.

Because most days, when you wake up, it’s a less than delightful beginning.

But why is that — and what can you do to change that?

Change it up.

Because the fact is —

You do need to change it up.

But why?

Because you’re a creative man.

And you might as well own that fact, or the rest won’t make much sense.

Because the fact is that you refuse to do life the way you’ve been told to do it.

In fact — in many ways, you’re creating your own world every day —

Which isn’t easy.

Whether you work for yourself —

Or have found some way to work for yourself while working for someone else —

You’re making it up as you go.

Which means that you don’t have easy, pat answers to most questions.

And that’s OK.

In fact, that’s good.

But what’s not good is that sick feeling in the pit of your stomach.

So how can you start your day — and keep going throughout your day — in a much better place?

First, answer this question.

And it’s a deceptively easy question.


Here it is —

Are you sure you’re ready?

What do I want?”

That’s it.

It’s such a simple question.

And yet, most mornings when you wake up that is not the first question you ask.

Instead, you ask this question:

“What do I have to get done today?”

Which is a bad beginning to a day in the life of any creative man.

Because when you begin the day with that question, you’ve already lost.

So what’s the answer?

So what’s the answer to that question?

What do I want?

Actually, your answer could be literally anything.

It could be: I want to make more money today.

Or it could be: I want more sex or relationship today.

It could literally be any statement of genuine want.

Because to prime the creative pump you need to get your want working —

If you want to get anything meaningful done today.

Your turn.

So try it.

And if you have any questions about how to prime the creative pump, feel free to contact me at

As a men’s life coach, it’s what I do all day every day.

I’d enjoy hearing from you, and I will respond with tools and ideas for you.